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Polished Malachite Freeform

Polished Malachite FreeformPolished Malachite Freeform

Polished Malachite Freeform


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This is a very nice piece of polished Malachite in freeform. The markings on these pieces of Malachite have the best lines, concentric circles and eyes, totally mesmerising.💚 The finish is so silky smooth. A lovely piece of Malachite. If you’re looking for a good piece of Malachite, you won’t be disappointed. They’re the very best pieces.

This piece weighs 98g – 30 x 30 x 28mm

I’ve used Malachite a lot in healing. I find that it can assist in taking away aches and pains. It’s a big healer of the heart. Be prepared when working on heartfelt matters, Malachite has the power to shift deep-rooted stuff.

Malachite is one of the most important stones for protection from negative energies. It permeates the auric field with positive vibrations and strengthens the natural energetic ‘shell ‘ which can screen out hostile forces. It activates the psychic ‘radar ‘ via which one ‘feels’ the presence of danger. It offers a ‘cloak of invisibility ‘ which can keep one from being noticed by those who might pose a threat to one’s emotional or physical well-being.

The solar-plexus chakra is also stimulated by Malachite, and in this case, there is an enhancement of willpower. In the presence of Malachite, it is easier to refuse all sorts of temptations, from ice cream to in-
fidelity, and in so doing, to realize one is also serving one’s own highest good. Malachite instils confidence and self-responsibility and is useful in making spiritual progress through right action in the world. (Simmons BOS)

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