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Purple Rain Fluorite crystal, Lady Annabella Mine


Purple Rain Fluorite crystal, Lady Annabella Mine


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Purple Rain UK Fluorite Crystal, Lady Annabella Mine, Frosterley, Weardale, England.

I’m excited to showcase some world-class UK Fluorite crystals. All of these Fluorite crystals were carefully handpicked.

I have three different types of world-class UK Fluorite. This is called ‘Purple Rain’.

Found in 2021, many of these Fluorite crystals are associated with superb bright silver galena crystals. The Fluorite is characteristically translucent deep inky purple with permutations of blue and mauve.
It forms as mutually penetrating twins and fine single cubic crystals, sometimes with white frosted face centres, leaf-green cores and edged intense blackberry-purple.
Some crystals are colour-zoned, displaying bands of blackberry, cranberry, mauve-red, deep purple and green. Crystals may have smooth glassy surfaces or intricate mosaic growth patterns.

The pocket where they are found is complex and requires careful development and extraction. A lengthy process is taken with a lot of care. The end result…an outstanding cluster of Fluorite.

This crystal will be sold with a description card. It weighs 22g – 25 x 20 x 22mm

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