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Rainbow filled Clear Quartz Spheres

Rainbow filled Clear Quartz SpheresRainbow filled Clear Quartz Spheres

Rainbow filled Clear Quartz Spheres


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I have a few of these lovely rainbow-filled Clear Quartz spheres. The price is for one, and they weigh approx: 28g – 25mm

Smoky quartz is the go-to stone for grounding and protection. It resonates with the base chakra and brings us back into alignment with our true selves. It’s connected with the Earth element.
Apart from grounding, it can recycle negative energies into positive energies. It’s a great tool for meditation and journeying and can help us to connect/see spirit.
It has been likened to a bundle of sage but in crystal form.

Affirmation – I am grounded and centred in my physical body, and I work step by step to achieve my goals.

Spheres have perfect symmetry. A crystal sphere will release energy and vibration in all directions.

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