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24 Sided Smoky Amethyst Vogel Wand

RARE 24 Sided Smoky Amethyst Vogel WandRARE 24 Sided Smoky Amethyst Vogel Wand

24 Sided Smoky Amethyst Vogel Wand


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Finally! I managed to get hold of a few of these. This is the biggest one. A mind-blowing, 24 sided Smoky Amethyst Vogel wand. A precision healing tool. It’s difficult to describe how amazing this Vogel wand is. It is 100 times better in the flesh.

Vogel Crystals are quartz crystals that are carefully cut in conformance to the findings and teachings of Marcel Vogel (1917-1991). They are healing crystals and meditation crystals that are cut to maximize the collection, amplification, and transmission of the Universal Life Force.

Marcel Vogel was a research scientist with IBM for many years and holds a number of patents in the field of luminescence. He spent the later years of his life exploring the powers of quartz crystals among other interests.

To be considered a “Vogel” a crystal must be made of natural quartz and be cut with the appropriate care, intent, and precision necessary to assure the Universal Life Force is attracted, amplified, and transmitted properly. Essentially the literature tells us that a properly cut crystal takes in energy at the receptive end, amplifies it as it circulates around inside, hitting the internal sides of the polished side facets as it revolves, and then is transmitted from the focal end.

4 sided Vogels are for healing efforts aimed at the physical body
6 sided Vogels are used for healing emotional ailments
8 sided Vogels are used for dealing with severe emotional trauma
24/8 sided Vogels are used for spiritual rebirth
24/12 sided Vogels are used in transformation efforts

This Vogel weighs 441g – 18.5cm x 4.5cm

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