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Rare Amber from Chiapas Mexico


Rare Amber from Chiapas Mexico


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This is a very special piece of highly collectable Amber from Chiapas. Mexico. 100% genuine. Amber from Chiapas is some of the finest, and oldest in the world.

These Amber pieces have preserved organic life, opening a special window into the past. Delicate insects and other inclusions have been kept safe in the Amber for millions of years.

When I hold Amber I can’t help but treat it with the utmost respect. I will always try to source different Amber and I fell in love with these.

This Mexican Amber from Chiapas is approximately between 24 million years old. A lot lot older than the Columbian Amber I have in the shop, only by about 20 million years!!!

I adore Amber, I wear it a lot. It’s an amazing medicinal stone and it helps me recover from most illnesses, especially those related to the ears, nose and throat. It keeps me connected to the trees and that makes me happy. Amber never fails to make me feel good, it brings a smile to my face and gives me warmth when I need it.

This piece weighs 18g – 45 x 33 x 25mm

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