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RARE Blue Smoke Columbian Quartz

RARE Blue Smoke Columbian Quartz


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Incredibly excited to list these super rare Blue Smoke Columbian Quartz crystals. Brothers and sisters of the Columbian Blades of Light, all have super optical clarity. I hope you like them.

These Colombian Blue Smoke crystals come from the Santander province in Colombia. These are super special because they show very clear blue smoke inclusions. All of them are optical quartz (top grade). They have swirling clouds of almost invisible micro-inclusions that produce a bluish opalescence when held up to the light. This subtle colour effect is produced by the same light-scattering properties that make the sky blue. The silvery flakes on and in the quartz is an uncommon lithium mineral. The silver Cookeite membrane is often embedded in the faces of the quartz crystals, or scattered through the matrix, and even as inclusions inside the quartz, making them true Litihim Quartz.

Any Columbian Quartz, especially the Blades of Light are very difficult to source and come with a high price tag. These Blue Smoke phantoms are no exception. I have tried to keep these as affordable as possible but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re the most expensive quartz crystals on the market!

This Blue Smoky Phantom weighs 55g and measures 102mm in length.

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