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Rare Eudialyte Tumbled Stones from Greenland


Rare Eudialyte Tumbled Stones from Greenland


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These are large Eudialyte tumbled stones from Greenland. Most of the Eudialyte on the market is from Norway. These tumbles are from Greenland, making them a bit special. I only get to see my Greenland man twice a year but since the pandemic, it’s been almost two years, so very happy to have these back in stock.

Spiritually Eudialyte activates and opens the heart, allowing one to find one’s true heart path. It helps us to honour and respect ourselves.
Emotionally Eudialyte assists in overcoming self-doubt, self-criticism and self-deprecation (something we could all probably do with). It fosters an understanding of one’s own worth in the eyes of the Divine. It is an excellent stone for those suffering from depression or for those who feel detached from this Earth plane.(BOS)

BOS affirmation – I open my heart, giving love to myself and the world and feeling divine love flowing through me.

These Eudialyte tumbles are approx 1 inch in size. When I pick your tumbled stone, I will always pick the very best one and if that one is smaller than the approx size, I will send you two. The price is for one stone.

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