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Rare Gold and Purple Fluorite sphere


Rare Gold and Purple Fluorite sphere


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My favourite! Golden Fluorite! It’s very difficult to find Golden Fluorite, I’m happy to be able to share some stunning spheres with you. They’re very deceptive, they hold so much colour if you use a light source or put them in natural lighting.

Fluorite is a master healer a good allrounder. It aids focus and concentration and it’s great at removing electromagnetic smog. Try having some by your electricals, especially your computer. Similar to black Tourmaline, I find I can spend longer on the computer when I have Fluorite around.

Simmons calls is a ‘psychic vacuum cleaner’

Sphere’s have perfect symmetry and radiate energy all around.

This sphere weighs 222g and measures 51mm – the first picture has been taken with a light source. It was a very bright day when taking the pictures, without any light, the sphere is very dark.

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Castle Rocks Cornwall x

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