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Rose Quartz Generator

Rose Quartz GeneratorRose Quartz Generator

Rose Quartz Generator


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Pretty pink. A lovely Rose Quartz generator.

Rose Quartz radiates peace, love and tranquillity. It helps us to love ourselves, to find the love that is often missing for ourselves. It’s a very compassionate crystal. It has a lot to teach us (about love). It’s my go-to stone when I feel lonely or in need of a hug. It gently soothes my emotions and makes me feel not so sad during times of struggle.
Rose Quartz is one of the ‘first aid’ crystals and is connected to the 4th Chakra – The Heart – Anahata

BOS Affirmation – I open my heart to receive and express the energy of love.

This generator weighs 331g – 11cm tall

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