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Ruby Fuchsite Palm Stone

Ruby Fuchsite Palm Stone


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Ruby Fuchsite palm stone. See how the Ruby glows under a UV light (last pic).

❤️💚 Ruby in Fuchsite is a lovely combination of natural red Ruby crystals embedded in pale to medium green Fuchsite. Great for any collection, Ruby in Fuchsite merges the qualities of Ruby and Fuchsite for the perfect Heart Stone. Ruby Fuchsite will help to clear any blockage of the Heart Chakra and fill the void with positive, loving energies. Ruby Fuchsite helps one to maintain an awareness of individuality, while also completely connecting with humanity as a whole. Use Ruby Fuchsite for transforming destructive, negative energies into positive, helpful ones. ❤️💚

❤️💚 Physically, Ruby Fuchsite promotes physical vitality, recovery/relief from extended or chronic illness and can be of assistance for strengthening the heart and blood flow/circulation issues. A wonderful piece to keep close for those who have trouble going to sleep and/or staying asleep. (Healing Crystals.com) ❤️💚

This sphere weighs 172g and measures 70 x 51 x 27mm

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