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Selenite Twists

Selenite TwistsSelenite Twists

Selenite Twists


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Lovely Selenite Twists. Some people like to call them Selenite Unicorn Horns!
These Selenite (satin spar) twisted towers are very nice,

Selenite is a very delicate crystal (hardness of 2) and must not be put near water or left in humid conditions.

For many years, Selenite and I never had much of a connection. I was never drawn to work with it. It used to baffle me. I’m a real earthy person. Selenite took me too high. However, I’m pleased to say I have a better relationship with it now lol, often combining it with black tourmaline.
Selenite helps me connect with spirit and guides. I especially love these twisted towers. They’re a good aid for visualisation.

Naisha Ahsian from BOS states that Selenite is the key that unlocks the doorway to the etheric chakras. Once this doorway has been consciously opened, the Higher Self is free to establish itself by grounding the Light Body of an individual, empowering one’s next step of evolution into Human/Light Beings.

Affirmation – I move into union with my Higher Self and my interior senses are awakened.

These twists weigh approx 177g and stand approx 95 to 100mm tall

The price is for one piece.

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