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Set Of 7 Chakra Tea Light Candles – Scented

Set Of 7 Chakra Tea Light Candles - ScentedSet Of 7 Chakra Tea Light Candles - Scented

Set Of 7 Chakra Tea Light Candles – Scented


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Set of 7 Chakra Tea Light Candles

An assortment of 7 tea light candles, each a different colour and with a different fragrance to represent 7 chakras.

Burn Time: Approximately 5 hours.

Size: Each candle measures approximately 1.5cm in height and 3.7cm in diameter.

The Set Contains One of Each of the Following:

Chakra 1 (Red) Muladhara
With a fragrance of Cassia, Clove and Nutmeg

Chakra 2 (Orange) Swadisthana
With a fragrance of Cedar, Spruce and Rosemary

Chakra 3 (Yellow) Manipura
With a fragrance of Bergamot, Lime and Grapefruit

Chakra 4 (Green) Anahata
With a fragrance of Lavandin, Orange and Tangerine

Chakra 5 (Blue) Vishudda
With a fragrance of Moroccan Rose and Chamomile

Chakra 6 (Indigo) Ajna
With a fragrance of Lavender, Fir and Chamomile

Chakra 7 (Purple) Sahasrara
With a fragrance of Patchouli, Labdanum and Frankincense

100% pure natural Palm Wax is made from fruit berries of the palm oil tree. This same high-quality palm tree oil can be found in hand lotions, shampoos and cosmetics. It’s the purest non-GMO food-quality wax. Palm Wax is made just like essential oils simply pressed and distilled. Soy and paraffin candles involve solvent extraction using petroleum chemicals like hexane.

We recommend burning stearin candles in a glass holder as stearin can leak. This can also lengthen the burning time of a candle.

Place the candle on a saucer or heat-protective surface as the container will get hot when the candle burns low. Do not place the contents into any other candle holder.

Keep the burning candle out of reach of children and animals and never unattended. Place the candle on a heat-resistant base. Do not place the candle near curtains or open windows.

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