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Smoky Quartz and Moonstone sphere. Zebradorite


Smoky Quartz and Moonstone sphere. Zebradorite


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This is the best Smoky Quartz and Moonstone on the market! A stunning sphere. Known as Zebradorite, technically Graphic Feldspar. It comes from Madagascar. It has lots of lovely sheen and is one of the best energies around. I’m always very happy to stock this crystal and I’m excited for you to get to know it.

I adore Graphic Feldspar. It’s a very good friend of mine. Graphic Feldspar or Zebradorite is Smoky Quartz and Orthoclase Feldspar – in other words, Moonstone! Smoky Quartz AND Moonstone!! No wonder I love it so much. I have a very special piece that looks like a bar of soap, and I often use it as one. Zebradorite makes me feel safe, comfortable and looked after. I love it and I highly recommend it.

This sphere weighs 637g – 80mm

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