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Stibnite Rod natural terminations from Yunnan, China

Stibnite Rod natural terminations from Yunnan, China


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This is a magnificent Stibnite rod from Yunnan, China.

It weighs 30g – 170mm long

From a metaphysical perspective, I couldn’t fully understand Stibnite.
I highly respect and listen to Robert Simmon’s, the author of The Book of Stones. His recent write up about Stibnite is very intriguing.

Stibnite is a stone carrying the power of the underworld. It is associated with Pluto, both the planet and the god. It emanates Pluto’s energy of transformation, death and rebirth, new perspectives, great wealth and power. Those wishing to bring any of these qualities into one’s life are advised to work with Stibnite. However, a highly focused intention is necessary when working with Stibnite, in order to be sure one evokes only the qualities one wishes from this stone. If one manages only a wandering attention without strong focus, one may experience unexpected, undesired results. but for those who know what they truly want, Stibnite can help manifest it in abundance.

Just as Stibnite helps one adjust to the profound changes happening on the Earth, it can assist one in making profound changes in the self. If one dreams of a completely different career, spiritual life, self-image or outer personality, Stibnite can help magnetize the experiences.
Those who wish to use Stibnite in this way are advised to add Moldavite to the mix.

Other keywords for Stibnite are: Transformation – Prosperity – Enhancement – Earth Element & Pluto

Stibnite is also listed as one of the most toxic of crystals, so if you do decide to work with it, please make sure you wash your hands after use and keep it away from children and animals.

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