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The Millennial Gaia

The Millennial Gaia, Painted Mother EarthThe Millennial Gaia, Painted Mother Earth

The Millennial Gaia


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The Millennial Gaia.

This is Mother Earth, Gaia 💚A beautiful sculpture that has so much more meaning to it than you might first think or see. She also comes in bronze. Check out my other listing.

The key images on Gaia’s body tell a tale …..she is the meticulously-sculpted statement about the Earth, and the interconnectedness of ALL her children.

Moving outward from her womb, delicately engraved tattoos on Gais’s legs display the evolution of life in the seas, from the earliest bacteria and single-celled protozoa to the great sea mammals on her buttocks.
The engravings on her arms culminate in the majestic Redwood forest on her right arm, and the tropical rain forest on her left leg.
Her right breast is a cornucopia of nourishing fruits and vegetables, while her left breast, over her heart, is the Moon, whose phases beat the pulse of the ocean’s tides and women’s cycles.
The intricate ‘Evolution Mandala’ that runs up her hair is a rich tapestry of tiny creatures tracing the evolution of vertebrate life on the land, with her braids representing the double helix of DNA forming the umbilical branches of the Tree of Life.
At the crown of her head, the pinnacle of emergent consciousness is represented by a Sperm Whale over her right hemisphere (intuitive), and a human child over her left (analytical).
Around her face, clusters of leaves representing the fifteen sacred trees on the Celtic Tree calendar comprise her hair.

A key is provided with a list of trees, animals and flowers – all is set in a chronological scale, beginning at the Devonian Age. She comes with a very interesting little booklet.

The Millenial Gaia brings our evolving consciousness of the Earth into physical form. No matter what language you speak, no matter where on Earth you come from, you can hold the Millennial Gaia in your hands and hear her message.

She is quite heavy, weighing in at 1.5kg, and she is 160mm tall (160x120x90)

I’m afraid she isn’t eligible for any discount.

I hope you like her as much as I do.
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