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Twin Natural Pink Danburite Crystal

Twin Natural Pink Danburite Crystal


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This is a stunning, delicate pink, twin Danburite crystal. 100% natural, unpolished, as it comes out of the earth. Danburite holds a loving, high vibration. It has a very delicate pink colour which was quite difficult to capture in the light today.

I’ve used Danburite a lot when working with the Reiki energy/light.

Danburite holds a high vibration but it is soft and nurturing. It’s a great stress buster. I highly recommend it.
BOS suggest that it aids in angelic communication and that it stimulates the third eye, crown and etheric chakras.

Affirmation – I expand my awareness to awaken within the higher worlds, and I call forth my angels to counsel and guide me.

This piece of Danburite weighs 89g and measures 37 x 71 x 23mm

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