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Velvet Malachite, Fibrous Malachite

Velvet Malachite, Fibrous MalachiteVelvet Malachite, Fibrous Malachite

Velvet Malachite, Fibrous Malachite


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This is a stunning piece of fibrous Malachite, some call it Velvet Malachite. The pictures don’t do the piece justice, it’s a thousand times better in the flesh. The colour is intense. It has a real velvety effect (if that makes sense), and it sparkles under the light. A very nice piece of Malachite from the Congo.

I’ve used Malachite a lot in healing. I find that it can assist in taking away aches and pains. It’s a big healer of the heart. Be prepared when working on heartfelt matters, Malachite has the power to shift deep-rooted stuff. It has male and female energy, bringing perfect balance.

This piece weighs 171g – 90 x 60 x 40mm

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