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31st October – also known as Hallows Eve, Halloween, All Souls Night, Fest of the dead, Festival of Remembrance


Crystals – Black Obsidian – Tourmaline, all sorts, Opal for the month of October. Ametrine & Agate
to name just a few.

Trees of Samhain
Elder – Yew

Colours – Black, Orange, Red, Purple and White

Samhain is also known as All Souls Night, Feast of the Dead, Festival of Remembrance, Feast of Apples, New Year…
Samhain is one of the major festivals of the Wheel of the Year, for many Pagans, the most important festival of all. The Sun King is sacrificed back to the land until the Winter Solstice, and the Goddess (now the Crone) mourns him until his rebirth at Yule. This is the time of the descent into darkness, out of which new life and new ideas will eventually emerge.

During this turn of the wheel, it is the best time to honour your ancestors.
Think about all the loved ones that have departed and left the earth plane, both family, friends, pets and honour them by having their pictures on display, on an altar maybe. Somewhere where you can focus your thoughts and welcome them to your home for the evening.
You might want to consider making space for them at your dinner table. Spend time to remember. Talk about them. Celebrate their life.

The veil is thin, and it is the best time to connect with spirits.