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Crystal Grids by SisterSpark

Monthly Crystal Grids by SisterSpark Crystal Grids

Crystals bring connections.  Connections bring love. happiness, joy and exchanged energy.  I made a connection with a wonderful soul a while ago.  If you like crystals and frequent the popular Instagram and or Facebook, you may already have seen and heard of SisterSpark Crystal Grids.  The wonderful Linn lives in Norway and she makes the most incredible, breathtaking crystal grids.  Linn is making me a monthly crystal grid to share with you here.  We kick off with a January grid, the month I turn 50.  The grid honours this energy and my passage into Cronehood.  At the end of 2021 you will have 12 images that you are free to download and use as you wish, all I ask is that you don’t remove the footer text, or if you do, please credit Linn SisterSpark.
Over time, you will see here how amazing the grids are but in the meantime, please, go and check out her Instagram feed HERE @sisterspark_crystalgrids – enjoy!

The Wise Old Owl
January - The Wise Old Owl
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April - All the Blues...
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February - Imbolc
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May - The Beltane Fire
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March - Spring Spiral Energy
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