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Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox Ostara Easter

March 20th.  Spring Equinox is also known as Ostara and Easter.

SRING QUARTER POINT – Sun enters Aries.
Day and night are equal in length. A time of balance.

Crystals – Tigers Eye – Jade – Serpentine – Amethyst – Citrine – Aquamarine and Moonstone
to name just a few.

Trees of Equinox
Ash, Alder and Birch

Colours – Green, especially bright green, yellow and purple

The Spring Equinox is a cross-quarter festival and is commonly known as the first day of Spring. It is also known as the festival of awakening, the festival of balance, and the new life festival.
Remember those seeds you were nurturing during the Imbolc stage? Now is the time that everything starts to awaken. Your seeds are germinating. Our intentions, dreams and wishes start to show. Try to keep your energy and intentions clear, focused, and balanced for it is a time for balance. Life is a constant ebb and flow. Ups and downs…here we take the time to ground and be steady.

The Hare is associated with the Spring Equinox. Over time, the Hare has evolved into the Easter Bunny who brings chocolate eggs on Easter morning. This is the day of rebirth in the Christian calendar.
The egg symbolises the rebirth of nature and the fertility of the earth. It is full of promise and new life.

Kundalini energy starts to explode during this time.

This is a traditional story about the Hare and the Goddess from the West Country.

‘Once upon a time, the Animal Kingdom gathered together in a flurry of great excitement. There would be a very special party, and a very special guest was coming to visit them. The very special guest was none other than the Goddess herself, and every creature wanted to give her a very special gift.
Some of the animals were very rich, and some were very poor. Off they went to prepare their gifts, for only the very very best would do for the Goddess. Hare was very very excited, he dearly loved the Goddess, and although he was very poor, he had a big generous heart, and he was going to give her the finest gift he could find!
Hare rushed home to see what he could find to give to the Goddess, he looked everywhere, in the cupboards and under the bed but there was nothing, even the larder was empty, he had nothing to give! Except for one thing. On the shelf in the larder was a single egg, and that was it. It was the only thing he had left. Hare gently took the egg out of the larder, lovingly decorated it and took it to the party.
Hare was very worried, all the other animals gave their gifts of gold, silver and precious jewels and all Hare had was the egg. Eventually, all the gifts were given, and Hare was the last one to gift to the Goddess. Hare very shyly presented the Goddess with the egg. She took it and looked at him and saw the true spirit of Hare. And there and then the Goddess appointed Hare as her very special animal…because Hare had given away everything he had!’