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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

The longest day and the shortest night.
20th – 23rd June – also known as Midsummers’ Eve & Day, Litha


Crystals – Citrine – Aquamarine – Larimar – Clear Quartz – Sunstone – Pyrite – Garnet and Pearl

Trees of Summer Solstice
Oak, Holly and Mistletoe

The Rose has special significance at this time of year. It was used to decorate the sacred groves and the Midsummer’s eve dancers.

Colours – Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, White, Blue – all of them really!

The Sun reaches its peak, and although we’re right in the middle of summer, it is also when the Sun begins to wane. From this moment in time, the days will start to grow shorter, and the nights will grow longer.

On midsummers’ eve, people would stay up all night to watch the sunrise and celebrate the longest day.

There is a sense of completion at the Summer Solstice. Everything is in full bloom. The seeds that you planted earlier in the year will have manifested by now. There is abundance all around us. Take time to enjoy what you have and who you are. Positive intentions and the Sun’s energy will help amplify and activate what you want to bring into your life. Take time to celebrate your life.

As Glennie Kindred once said…Alchemy is taking place. A spiritual rebirth and completion of our whole selves. Celebrate the death and rebirth of the great cycle of the year. As the power of the outer realms wane, the inner realms’ power will expand, and we are made whole again.

Credit Glennie Kindred