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Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Yule Christmas

20th – 23rd December – also known as Midwinter, Yule, The Return of the Sun and Festival of Rebirth


Crystals – Turquoise for the month. Chrysocolla – Smoky Quartz – Herkimer Diamond, Moonstone. Pinolite. Feldspar. Rose quartz. Pink Amethyst
to name just a few.

Trees of Winter Solstice
Pines and Silver Birch

Colours – White, Silver, Black, Gold, Red, Green…

The shortest day and longest night.

The depth of darkness! The longest night of the year. Although we celebrate the return of the light at this time of year. The days will start to get longer, although it might never feel that way.

The Return of the Sun, the longest night, is defeated, and the light brings hope and promise for the future turns of the wheel.

They say that it’s the Sun’s birthday and it’s time to celebrate that.

The story of The Oak King and the Holly King

The Holly King rules over the dark part of the year from Midsummer to Yule. He is God of the Waning Year. At Yule, he surrenders his life to the young light Oak King, God of the Waxing Year and his twin, who rules over the light part of the year from Yule to Midsummer. Both rule the kingdom for half of the year. Both fight for the favour and love of the Goddess, and they both surrender their life force for the well-being of the land. In truth, they are one. (Merayllah Allwood)

Trees of the Evergreen variety symbolise everlasting life, and they were traditionally hung around doorways and windows. 

Carefully cut some but ensure it never touches the earth. Its magical properties are connected to the fact that it lives between the worlds, between sky/heaven and earth. 

The Holly – Protection

Holly is sacred to Holle, the Germanic underworld goddess, and symbolises everlasting life, goodwill and potent life energy. The Holly spikes are believed to repel unwanted spirits. The red berries represent feminine blood. Together, mistletoe and holly represent the Sacred Marriage at this time of year with the rebirth of the Sun.

Ivy – Immortality & Resurrection

It grows in a spiral. This symbolises reincarnation and rebirth. Sacred to Osiris, His death and resurrection were central themes in Egyptian religion. Sacred also to Dionysius, god of vegetation, blossoming, and the Return of Spring.