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Loyalty Gems

Welcome to Castle Rocks Cornwall Loyalty Rewards.

Loyalty Rewards is free, it’s open to everyone, and you can start earning rewards from the moment you sign up.  

Most of the time, your orders will be earning you GEMS, but there will be discounts and other campaigns running from time to time.  

There are three screen widgets (little floating bubbles on the screen). The blue gem widget will open up your loyalty account (bottom left). The one in the middle at the bottom of the screen is for the monthly prize draw, and the one on the right-hand side is a chat widget should you need to get in touch at any time.

If you placed an order on Etsy, that order will award you with GEMS.  You will need to create an account here on the website and your GEM rewards can only be redeemed on this website. Loyalty and rewards are not eligible on Etsy.

  • Earn two gems for every £1 spent.
  • Every time you place an order, you will be in with a chance to win a free monthly gift if you participate.
  • Refer a friend to Castle Rocks Cornwall and reward them and yourself when they make their first purchase.
  • Complete your profile and interact on any listed social platforms for more ways to earn gems.
  • Discounts, rewards and other campaigns will run from time to time. Keep an eye on your Gem widget.  
  • New ways of earning gems will be shown on the screen widget as and when they become available.
  • Place an order on Etsy and earn GEMS here at Castle Rocks Cornwall
  • Please don’t abuse the system by registering multiple emails in the Clan membership.
  • Gems will expire after 45 days
  • Minimum spend required (please see voucher for details).
  • If your account has been inactive for 6mths, it’ll automatically archive.  Anything over 12mths, it will automatically delete.

Frequently asked questions

When do I start collecting gems?

From the launch date of 20th March 2021, Spring Equinox.

How do I spend my gems?

Click the screen widget that shows a Gem in the bottom right corner of the screen. Sign in to your account, and the rewards you have earned will be displayed. You can redeem them them for vouchers.  When you redeem the GEMS, you will be given a voucher code to apply at checkout.

Is there a limit to the number of Gems I can earn?

No.  Please be aware that you can only use one discount code per order.

Where can I see my Gem balance?

The floating screen widget is where you can see your gem balance. You can also see your balance by going to your account section on the website. You will see the loyalty and rewards on the left-hand side.

Can I get gems for past orders?

No, sorry.  You can only start collecting gems from the 20th of March 2021.  If any gems are allocated for orders before this date, the gem balance will be taken away.  Please don’t input any Etsy order prior to the 20th of March 2021.

Is there a time limit for me to spend my gems?

No but please keep an eye on discount vouchers and other rewards that you may have gained that aren’t gems.  Some of these will have use by dates.