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Mangano Calcite Tumbled Stones.


Mangano Calcite Tumbled Stones.


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Lovely Mangano Calcite tumbled stone. The price is for 1 stone. They measure approx 25mm.

Mangano calcite is renowned for having a calming effect on children and aids restful sleep. They give out supportive, calming and loving energy. These are very good at helping us with our emotional healing.

Naisha Ahsian’s affirmation: My heart is in a state of constant wellbeing and appreciated, and through my heart, I am connected with All-That-Is <3

When I select your tumble stone, I will always pick the best one I have at the time. Sometimes this might mean that the best is a little smaller than I would like and in this instance, I will always double up and send you two.

Thanks for looking Castle Rocks Cornwall x

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